RFP Budget Forms Update-1/19/17 2:45 pm

A new version (v3) of the budget forms has been posted due to formula errors dicovered by an Applicant. Please see the details below. You can find the new forms under Public Notices. Effective 2:45 pm on 1/19/17.

  • Detailed Data tabs
    • Section 2: Personnel Detail-A salary column has been added for those stagg that are paid or for those that don't work at the agency on routine basis.
    • Section 3: Route Delivery Mileage Detail (for every taxonomy)-the row above the Total row had a sum formula and was being double counted in the Total ro. The formula has been corrected.
  • Budget Summary Tabs
    • Revenues >Voulnteer Support>Match column (for every taxonomy) was pulling from the Adult Day-Detail Data Tab. The formulas have been corrected.
    • Expenditures>Other>Non-Cash Resources (for every taxonomy)-the row has been added to reflect the offset of Non-Cash Resources.

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