Area Plan

The current Area Plan is broke into seven sections: Executive Summary, Organizational Structure, Area Plan Development, Profile of Planning and Service Area, Strategies for Service Delivery, Subcontractor Oversight and Monitoring, and Sustainability. Below is a brief summary of Strategies for Service Delivery established in the Area Plan 2014-2015: 

HAAA will utilize a number of strategies for services delivery under the Area Plan that will include partnerships, internal and external service delivery, outreach to target populations, the prioritization of services, equal access to services, volunteers, economic and social resources and through the continued value of collaboration. The full implementation strategy for the delivery of services includes providing some services directly and others by working through partnerships and funding relationships within the regional Aging Network. HAAA currently funds agencies throughout the seven county region through a subcontractual relationships determined through the RFP process and contract monitoring.

A summary of priority services under this Area Plan will be:

General Aging Services:

Case Management

Congregate Meals

Health Promotion

Home Delivered Meals

Information and Assistance

Legal Assistance

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Education

Adult Day Care/Adult Day Health

Assessment and Intervention

Assisted Transportation &Transportation


Evidence-Based Health Promotion


Legal Education

Material Aid

Mental Health Outreach

Money Management

Options Counseling


Public Information




Family Caregiver Services:

Access Assistance


Information Services


Self Directed Care


Value of Collaboration

HAAA serves as a model of collaboration and partnership. HAAA has been dedicated to such a model of services delivery since the beginning and has no intention of changing this incredibly effective and efficient strategy.

ADRC Engagement

HAAA has been an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) since 2009/2010 when the first grants were awarded to Area Agencies on Aging in Iowa. In the past three years, HAAA has taken the ADRC from a two county pilot site to a regional service provider that is recognized as the gateway to long term services and supports for all people and all payers. HAAA ADRC has a solid reputation of partnership recruitment, building, and nurturing beginning with the first partnership developed at the inception of the grant.