Heritage Area Agency on Aging is the leader in planning, coordinating, advocating for, and funding home and community based programs that serve the more than 84,533 older adults in Linn, Johnson, Cedar, Iowa, Benton, Jones and Washington Counties in Iowa. 

Heritage Area Agency on Aging has a long history of advocating for a comprehensive system of home and community based supports to help Iowans live with dignity. The focus of Heritage’s advocacy efforts is to educate seniors, their families, caregivers and elected officials about the needs of older adults and adults with disabilities, many of whom may no longer be able to speak for themselves.

The Overall Goal of Heritage's Advocacy Efforts is to secure and expand funding for home and community based services for seniors and people with disabilities.

What can you do to help?

This year Iowa faces another tight budget so it is even more important for you learn about the issues and bring a voice to seniors.

Take Action: 

  • Heritage Agency has resources to help you learn about issues impacting older adults and tools to help you better communicate with your elected officials.

  • E-mail - If you are interested in receiving regular updates on legislative and public policy issues you can receive the information via e-mail! Simply send an e-mail to and request the legislative/public policy updates. 

  • Website/Printed material - Additional tools include information updated on the Heritage website that lists current advocacy efforts, contacts for local legislators, and printed material developed by Heritage.

  • Advocacy trips to Des Moines - During the Iowa State legislative session, Heritage will sponsor advocacy trips to Des Moines. The advocacy trips will enable senior advocates to go to Des Moines and speak directly to their legislators.

If you would like to participate in the advocacy trips, want postcards or would like information on advocacy and senior and disability issues, please send an e-mail to